A few thoughts on games without characters

I have a little over an hour to kill in the Minneapolis airport, I just linked a keyboard to my iPad for the first time, and I'm charging my phone so I figured I might as well take the opportunity to write a blog post. After all, I'm on my way to a conference, and the last several posts on my blog are older and were almost exclusively focused on the gamergate, which basically means I was being trolled very effectively and haven't taken the time to write anything since.

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Gamergate, why are you in my lists?


Seriously, why?

DiGRA is not what you think it is.

Seriously, we are actually a windmill, and you are tilting.

Please stop.

K thx



Gamergate: Still a distraction

This is a somewhatlonger version of this Tweet (and the tweets that followed and preceded it).

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Gamergate is an unfortunate distraction

I'm going to keep this relatively short. Gamergate is an unfortunate distraction in the face of the real and enduring social, political, and cultural issues that we face.

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Codecademy: A review

I first tried Codecademy shortly after they debuted in January 2012. I had recently finished acquainting myself with the basics of markup via a combination of W3 schools and some help from a couple of web developer friends. I felt pretty good about my growing grasp of HTML and CSS, so I figured maybe it was time to jump into an actual programming language. Codecademy aimed to help me do exactly that in their Code Year program starting with JavaScript, and then eventually progressing into Python.

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